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Real World Research, a useful online resource and the Library booksale

The new 3rd edition of Colin Robson’s ‘Real World Research’ is now available to be borrowed from the Library. 14 copies of this 2011 edition have been added to stock and you can check availability here. This is one of our most popular research methods titles, so please contact the library team if you would like to place a request for a copy.

The History of Education in England website is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the history of education. The site contains many articles and publications, including 25 major education reports ranging from 1867 – 1992. The documents are all available to access freely.

Lastly, we are currently holding a book sale in the library. The books are displayed on the shelves going up the ramp to the lily pads. We will continue to add new books, so come and have a look for a bargin!