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Welcome to the Library: MEd Herts Students

Photo by Libatcam @ Flickr

A warm welcome from the Library staff  to all MEd Herts students as you begin your course. We know you are busy people and also that for some of you the prospect of returning to study may be both exciting and a little daunting.  The Library staff are keen to help and support you as much as possible.

The key to that support is your Library CamTools site where we have posted a wealth of information to help you with your studies. Take a bit of time to get familiar with the CamTools site – it will be well worth it. We realise that you are only in the Faculty three times during the year, but we are here to answer all of your queries, however simple or complex, and you can contact us as often as you need by phone, text or e-mail or, if you live locally, in person.

Don’t forget that the Faculty Library is open during half-term and school holidays, so do come and talk to us and use the Library then.

To get you started on your studies, here are a few books which are aimed at students who are new to conducting their own research. All titles are available to be borrowed from the Faculty Library and in some cases there is an electronic version as well.

Doing your research project Classroom-based research and evidence-based practice : a guide for teachersThe good research guide : for small-scale social research projectsA teacher's guide to classroom research