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Welcome to the Library: Undergraduates

We’d like to welcome all undergraduates, particularly all first-year students – we’re very much looking forward to meeting you for the first time. We know the beginning of a course can be a little confusing so we’d like to emphasise that the Library staff are here to help you as much as we can, and this applies just as much to second- and third-year students. The layout of the Library makes it easy for you to find your way round and it’s an exceptionally pleasant environment for studying. We’ve tailored your CamTools site to support your studies in a variety of ways, including giving you access to the reading lists with links to the full text whenever possible.  Finally, remember that the Library staff are also a great resource  and we’re  keen to support your studies in whatever ways we can – please make use of us!

And now for some books to start you off. The following are just three which will provide you with a clear introduction  to the key issues in education, and there are many others to choose from.