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New to the Library: Chris and the Crablets

The Library has recently acquired a wonderful new resource, Chris and the Crablets, which can be used with  Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children in a variety of ways. Chris is a bright orange adult-sized hand puppet in the shape of a crab and the crablets are fingerless washable glove puppets for children to use. The kit is a treasure house of beads in the shape of fish, shells etc., glass pebbles, ‘pincers’ in the form of easy-to-use chopsticks and tweezers,  rubber sea creatures and  a rock pool board, as well as many other items.  The teacher’s book provides a wealth of ideas for how to use the kit for developing children’s fine motor skills, their creativity, problem-solving abilities and  literacy skills and  for promoting their personal, social and emotional development.  The author, Fleur Haig, would very much like to receive feedback about the resource, so please come and have a look at it, and let us know what you think. Check Library availability here.