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Ring of 14 cubes by Ardonik @ Flickr

Readers’ enquiries can present some interesting challenges for Library staff, but we always try to find a way of solving them. A reader asked recently for a conference paper from Italy in 1989 by a Japanese author, Humiaki Huzita, about origami and geometry and Sheila began the process of tracking it down. She discovered from the website of the British Origami Society that one of their members, David Lister, had written an obituary of  Humiaki Huzita following his death in 2004. From this she found out that  the conference had been edited and privately published by Huzita himself and that it had been out of print for many years. It was not available in Cambridge, the British Library or any other UK university library, so it was not possible to obtain it on inter-library loan.

Sheila decided to e-mail the British Origami Society to ask if they could contact their members to see if anyone had a copy of the conference proceedings and if they could send a photocopy of Huzita’s paper. Within a couple of days she had an e-mail from David Lister saying he would be happy to provide a copy of the paper and offered to put the reader in touch with other people interested in links between maths and origami.

A happy ending to a complicated search!  If you also need help in tracking down education information do get in touch with us.