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Going the extra mile

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On Thursday 12th January, three members of the Faculty Library Team (Louisa, Heather & Amy) attended the annual libraries@cambridge one-day conference open to all librarians working at Cambridge University. As a profession we’re very aware of the need to adapt to the changing role of libraries and to develop that role for the benefit of all our users. The conference was called Blue skies…thinking and working in the cloud and was a great opportunity to explore a range of contemporary issues including information literacy, digitisation and data sharing. Our own contribution to the conference was a poster Going the Extra Mile, which demonstrated the tailored services we provide for part-time and distance students. It is unusual to find a Faculty with as many part-time students as Education in Cambridge University, so it was a chance to share with other librarians the ways in which we’re helping all our readers to make the most of the Faculty Library Service.

The day offered a wonderful opportunity to network with our peers, share ideas and collaborate.