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Books by members of the Faculty

Members of the Faculty have been particularly successful in the 2011 annual book awards of the Society for Educational Studies, having come away with both first and second prizes. Children, their World and Education: Final Report and Recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review edited by Robin Alexander is the most comprehensive review of primary education in England for 40 years and has given rise to much stimulating and continuing debate . Contributing authors also include current or former members of the Faculty –  Julia Flutter, Linda Hargreaves, David Harrison, Ruth Kershner and John MacBeath. Check availability here.


The other book by a Faculty member to be awarded a prize is Education, Asylum and the ‘Non-Citizen’ Child: the Politics of Compassion and Belonging by Halleli Pinson, Madeleine Arnot and Mano Candappa. The authors point out that ‘ despite great sociological interest in the role of education  in relation to social inequality and social inclusion, there is very little interest in the education of one of the most socially and economically deprived and discriminated-against groups in society,’ namely, asylum seeking and refugee children. This book aims to fill this gap by engaging with the issues and is essential reading for anyone working with such children. Check availability here.