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The results are in…


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We’ve had a fantastic response (553 / 32%) to our print book/ebook Library survey – a BIG BIG thank you to everybody who took the time to complete it for us.

The 3 winners of the Amazon vouchers have been selected at random and will be contacted very soon.

Initial findings show that 25% of respondents have yet to use an ebook from the Faculty/University collections!  A dislike of reading on screen was given as the most common reason for not using ebooks.


Of those of you who do read ebooks, 60% just look at a few pages or read a chapter and only 2% of respondents are happy to read the whole of an ebook on screen.

Overall, less than 10% of you prefer ebooks to print books; almost 50% of you prefer print and 42% like to be able to use both.  The latter is echoed in the qualitative data which suggests that we need to continue to provide both print books and ebooks to meet your research needs.

We were overwhelmed by the lovely comments that you took the time to write!  Many of you said how much you valued the knowledge, expertise and helpfulness of the Library staff, and as professional Librarians we were delighted by this.  We are a reflective team and we aim to provide a responsive service to all of our users within current financial constraints.

We have noticed that several of you have asked specific questions and if you would like us to respond individually to those, please get in touch with us (library@educ.cam.ac.uk).  We have a wealth of information to evaluate and we will post updates on this blog over the coming weeks as we analyse it.  Watch this space!