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Libraries these days are far more than just collections of books and journals. For a start, they now provide access to a wealth of electronic literature, not to mention databases, web sites and other sources of information. The down side of this is that sometimes the reader feels overwhelmed by all this information and has no idea where to start  when it comes to navigating the mass of material available. Enter the library staff! Our role is to guide the reader through the maze of material and give them as much help as possible to pinpoint the high-quality, academic literature and resources they need for their studies. The Faculty Library Team aim to go the extra mile in our service to readers and the fact that we’ve been successful in this is borne out by some of the comments from students who completed our recent survey:

“Library staff are incredibly helpful and well informed. In my experience they have always been successful in finding a long list of relevant articles”

“The librarians are amazing, without them I wouldn’t have found the research I need for my 1C. They have a wealth of knowledge and cut down on the time of us just blindly looking for books and articles.  I believe that they are more important than having increased access to ebooks that we wouldn’t even find/ look at without their help!”

“The Library staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.  I could not have successfully completed my assignments for the course (so far) without their assistance.”
We receive many unsolicited comments like those above and these, together with feedback from surveys and course evaluations, demonstrate that it is the skill and knowledge of the library staff that makes the library service and its resources accessible to our readers – we make all the difference!

A case study of the personalised service provided by the Faculty of Education Library is featured in a forthcoming  book due out in August,  Personalising Library Services in Higher Education: the Boutique Approach, edited by Cambridge librarians Andy Priestner and Libby Tilley