Congratulations Heather!

We are thrilled to announce that Heather has just been awarded an MA in Library and Information Studies by University College London.  She has had to fit her studies in with the demands of her job in the Faculty Library over the last 2 years and it’s very much to her credit that she has done so with such success – well done, Heather!

She follows in the footsteps of Louisa, who received an MScEcon in Information & Library Studies in 2009 after studying as a distance learner with the University of Aberystwyth, while Amy has just started a distance learning course in Information and Library Management at the University of Northumbria – we are very lucky to have such dedicated and motivated staff!  Heather, Louisa and Amy have all experienced the trials and tribulations of part-time and distance study so they understand the challenges faced by many of our students.  Their perspectives help us to provide a library service which is sensitive to the needs of those who study part-time at the Faculty, as well as everyone else!

All members of the Library Team take a professional approach to their work in the Faculty Library and this influences everything we do, whether it is basic routine work like ensuring returned books are re-shelved as quickly as possible, providing a one-to-one research service to help readers navigate the electronic resources effectively, or trying to anticipate future needs and develop the Library Service accordingly to the benefit of all readers. We hope that our professional team makes a difference to the service you receive in the Faculty Library – please let us know (library@educ.cam.ac.uk)