Any questions? We can help you find the answers!

Photo by Dom Dada @ Flickr
Photo by Dom Dada @ Flickr

Library users ask a lot of questions – which is great because part of our job is to help readers take full advantage of the wide range of resources the Library has to offer. We are happy to deal with any enquiry that comes our way, whether it’s a simple question that can be answered straight away or something more complicated like a request for material on a specific (sometimes obscure) subject, that will need detailed searching of the databases.  As you’ll see from the list of examples below, requests for information are extremely varied:

  • Can you recommend some books on using questionnaires in research?
  • I’ve been given a reference to a journal article but the details don’t seem to be quite right – can you help me find it?
  • How can I find material on monsters in children’s literature?
  • I’ve written a paper on bullying which I want to submit for publication – which peer-reviewed, academic journals publish material on this subject?
  • I’m looking for journal articles on how VI-form students learn independently outside the classroom. I can’t seem to find anything – can you help?

And finally…

Student: Have you got chapter 6?

Librarian: Could you be a bit more specific?

 Student: Oh, I thought you’d know – we’ve all got to read it.

And, yes, we did manage to work out what was wanted! So don’t hesitate to come to us with all your enquiries – we’re keen to help.