New books

Publishing Success for Faculty Members – Part 2

Faculty staff continue to demonstrate a very wide range of interests, as is clear from the following list of recent publications. All books are in stock in the Faculty Library, so do contact us if you would like to borrow any of them. And remember to look at the Pinterest board where we post details of all new books by Faculty members

Professional Knowledge in Music Teacher EducationPam Burnard is a contributor and one of the editors of a new book on professional knowledge and pedagogic practices in music education.  Professional Knowledge in Music Teacher Education  edited by Eva Georgii-Hemming, Pam Burnard  and Sven-Erik Holgersen, presents work by internationally renowned scholars  who explore  the current debates about  knowledge, practice, professionalism, and learning  and teaching in music.


Teaching secondary chemistryThe second edition of Teaching Secondary Chemistry edited by Keith Taber, which also contains a contribution by Elaine Wilson, aims to provide support for teachers at all stages of their careers, whether they are student teachers, NQTs or those with some years of experience. Each chapter covers a different section of the curriculum and for each of these there are suggestions about the teaching sequence, advice about students’ misconceptions, enhancement activities and suggestions for the use of ICT.

teacher self efficacyRecognising that the teaching profession is facing ever-increasing pressures from society and policy-makers, the Education International Research Institute commissioned a study which draws on research on teachers’ self-efficacy, teacher voice and leadership in education. The resulting publication by David Frost and John Bangs, Teacher Self-Efficacy, Voice and Leadership: Towards a Policy Framework for Education International reaffirms the role of teachers in bringing about positive educational change.