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Welcome Gabrielle!

GabrielleMy name is Gabrielle Rakotoarivony and I am a student in Information and Library Studies at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. I will be spending the next few weeks learning and working with the lovely library team for my fieldwork placement. I specifically wanted to do it at the Faculty of Education Library, of course because of the setting (Cambridge!) but essentially because of the people working here and what
they do.

The Library team’s reputation has travelled as far as France where I come from: I have been told about the excellent quality of the userservice they provide by a friend: welcoming, friendly and very helpful. I want to learn how this can be achieved.

As a student, I attach the greatest importance to the team’s willingness to share their experience and their openness to my questions and queries. This placement being a short one (only one month), I am very
happy about the opportunity to get involved in many practical tasks and to participate to the service improvement by using my outsider perspective. Several visits to other libraries are already planned and I
really appreciate this chance to see how other libraries function.

My first few days have been really promising so far. I am sure the Library team will help me to make the most of this experience! All the people (students and staff) I have met so far have been very friendly, I have no doubt I will have a very interesting time here.