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Searching beyond the ordinary

Photo by Jan Krömer
Photo by Jan Krömer

There’s a huge amount of information out there available in all sorts of formats sometimes hidden inplaces that you’d not even thought of looking. If you’re not sure where to start, remember that the Library Team has a wealth of subject knowledge and we are always keen to provide help and advice, so do come and ask us.
If you’re finding it difficult to track down certain types of information, have you considered looking at blogs which deal with your subject and do you know how to find the best ones? What about publications by government and other official organisations? And do you know how to find newspaper articles? To give you just a small taste of what’s available, try looking at some of the following sources of information:

Education in England ( or DERA (Digital Education Resource Archive) will give you the full text of official publications, such as major reports, education acts, UK government documents related to education etc.

If you’re after blogs, check the following which can be searched by subject:

Google Blog Search:

If you need newspaper articles, use the database called Factiva to search by subject and then access the full text. And if you want to find audio recordings, have a look at The LBC/IRN Audio Archive
So remember, if you’re trying to track down an unusual piece of information, just contact us!