New books

The World’s Our Oyster!

Faculty members continue to be very productive in terms of publishing work across a wide range of subject areas. Some of the most recent publications are international in their outlook and their appeal, evidence of the Faculty’s engagement with the world of education beyond the UK.

Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging

This year Routledge has published Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging, which is edited by Madeleine Arnot and Sharlene Swartz, a former PhD student in the Faculty. And the Faculty involvement doesn’t end with the editors – both Madeleine  and Sharlene have contributed several of the chapters, as have other former Faculty PhD students,  Georgina Oduro and Fatuma Chege.  The book looks at how social context and schooling in a range of countries – Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Lebanon, Jordan – are instrumental in creating young citizens by presenting the voices of the young people themselves.

The theme of developing countries and education is the focus of Routledge’s series, Education, Poverty and international Development, Education Outcomes and Povertywhich is edited by Madeleine Arnot and Christopher Colclough. The books in the series are research-based and look at different aspects of the relationships between education, poverty and international development. One of the books in the series, Education Outcomes and Poverty, edited by Christopher has particularly strong links with the Faculty as it arises from a five-year programme of research carried out by RECOUP (Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty). Madeleine and Christopher as well as  Nidhi Singal are all contributors to the book which deals with schooling outcomes in India, Pakistan and a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Continuing with the focus on the outside world, Internationalisation and Reform of Secondary Schooling in Kazakhstan is the result of work by a whole host of academics associated with the Faculty – David Bridges, Colleen Mclaughlin, Olena Fimyar, David Frost, Fay Turner, Elaine Wilson, Liz Winter, Natalia Yakavets, Mike Younger, together with researchers from Nazarbayev University and the University of Pennsylvania. The context of the research is a major programme of educational reform in Kazakhstan aimed at schools and higher education, with the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education focusing on the school sector. The report presents the results of the researchers’ investigation of the ‘contemporary story of educational reform in Kazakhstan’ as expressed in policy documents and official statements and by key figures involved in the reform process.

The Faculty Library has a growing collection of material on education with an international focus and these titles make a very welcome addition to it.