The long goodbye…

We started saying goodbye to our students at the end of May                                                                       when the third-year undergraduates Thank you cardsfinished their exams and left.  Then in June we said farewell to our 400 PGCE students, and in July our MPhil students handed their dissertations in and left Cambridge. Every year we get to know some of our students very well, but this year it seems to us that there are many more in that category and so lots more goodbyes to say.

Many students have said how much they appreciate the support of the library team in helping them to complete their studies successfully and we have received lots expressions of appreciation in the form of cards, chocolates, home baked goodies, flowers etc.  Many others have written wonderful notes in our comments book which we will treasure.

We have also said goodbye to a variety of academic & administrative staff over the past few weeks, people whom we have really enjoyed working with over the years and whom we will miss very much.

And the long goodbye isn’t over yet!  We will still be supporting our part-time Masters students as they work on their dissertations during August, until they submit at the end of the month.

We have always known how lucky we are to work with all our Education students – from those whom we see every day to those who visit once or twice a term – but this year has shown us how privileged we are to have met them.  We hope that we will see many of our students again when they return to further study at the Faculty, but for those that are moving on we wish them every success in their new ventures!