Farewell & welcome!





On Friday 28th of February we said goodbye to Heather Smith, who had been working as part of the Library team for over 5 years. Heather has been an extremely valuable member of the Library team and we miss her greatly, but we wish her every success in her new job!




Last week we welcomed Lauren Kendrick to the Library team who is volunteering with us for a few weeks, so please come & say hello! Lauren has written a short piece to introduce herself: 2014-03-10 15.05.31

I am the current Education Faculty Library volunteer, and I am here to gain experience & continue on my journey to become a qualified Librarian.

In November 2013 I left my job in Events Management at one of the leading magazine publishers (where I ran business-to-business & business-to-consumer events) to focus on my personal development and passion to become a Librarian.  I have always been passionate about literature and resources, and have looked for a way to help users engage and find relevant information to ensure that they can complete both their learning and development.

I have had roles in customer service within corporate and public settings, and firmly believe that a positive work environment and service enables the greatest growth, whether in profit, services or personal/team development.  I have also worked for a period of time as an assistant dog behaviourist, all of which show fantastic results from positive reinforcement, although obviously the methods used differ from human to animal; smiling at a dog will not produce the same outcome!

I was very lucky to gain work experience at the English Faculty Library in January & February where I began to learn the complex procedures that ensure a Library is run smoothly and where the users can gain access to the resources that they need.  Librarianship is not just shelving and reading books!

It was whilst I was at the English Faculty that I had the pleasure of meeting Angela, the Education Faculty Librarian, who kindly let me join her team to further my knowledge of Librarianship and to understand how another academic Library is run on a day-to-day basis.  At the Education Faculty the demographic of students is different to English and I am thoroughly looking forward to understanding the different user needs.

Librarianship is very competitive and coming from a background in events I am keen to show my dedication to this pursuit and to further my understanding. I am particularly interested in Faculty Libraries as they have a large demographic of users and requirements, as well as offering reference access to those not affiliated to the Faculty but who are able to demonstrate an interest and need to use resources. I am interested in the use of e-resources, classification, cataloguing & user engagement, as well as other areas of librarianship yet to be discovered

This year I hope to become a Library Trainee as I would ideally like to begin my Masters in Information and Library studies in 2015.

I am interested to hear your experiences in libraries, not exclusively at the Education Faculty Library, both bad and good and I look forward to meeting you all.