New Religious Education resources!

Visual aids can be a fantastic way to both engage a class and create a fun learning environment! We have recently added large books and boxes filled with resources to help support the teaching of religions and their festivals to KS1, KS2 and KS3 pupils.

Educational resources4There are two main areas where these resources are displayed in the Faculty Library. Primary big books are displayed on the ramp leading up to Lily Pad 1. The big books are suitable for Primary level teaching and cover a range of topics from specific festivals like ‘Celebrating Christmas around the World’ and ‘The Divali Story’, to more general resources like ‘Festivals’ or ‘Food for Festivals’. If you are looking for a resource to show the experience of a child who follows a faith we also have big books to help, such as ‘My Jewish Faith’.

Educational resources1


In the Religious Education section of the Library, 207 on the Lower Ground Floor, you will find resource bags and dolls to assist teaching KS1 pupils about religions. We have separate bags for Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism & Sikhism, and each are filled with key resources to help explain about the fundamental aspects of a religion and to help children engage with the subject. We also have one Sikh doll and a Christian priest in traditional dress.

Educational resources6


The clear boxes contain classroom resources appropriate for KS1, KS2 & KS3, and are specific to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism, Judaism or Sikhism. Each box contains resources to help you teach subject matters within the religion, for example calligraphy in Islam and the sacraments for Christianity or Hannukah festival for Judaism studies.


We hope you will find these resources useful – please let us know!