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It was wonderful to hear from you….


519 people filled in the really short library survey for 2014 – that’s almost 45% of the Faculty which is wonderful! The four lucky winners of the Amazon vouchers have been randomly chosen and some have already collected their prize.

The Library Team

We had an amazing response to questions about the library team: 99% rated the team as excellent or very good in terms of helpfulness & approachability, and 98% rated the skill & knowledge of staff as excellent or very good. We are delighted with this outcome, not to mention overwhelmed by the many lovely comments that were made, and we will do our very best to ensure this high level of service is maintained in the future.


Despite Education ebooks being some of the most popular in the University, with several titles in the top 10 most used each year, 79% of respondents still prefer print when reading a whole book and 18% don’t use them at all. The main reasons given were difficulties in using ebooks, a dislike of reading on screen, and difficulties in retaining information read online; these are particular issues for people with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

Many people commented that they liked to use both ebooks and print for different purposes: ebooks are good for searching and referencing but print is preferred for sustained reading and retaining information. It will be a challenge to maintain access to information in both formats in the future but we will do our best to continue to meet the differing needs of our library users.

Social Media

More than 60% of respondents are either unaware of or aware of (but do not use) Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or this blog! This is something which we suspected and now that our feelings are confirmed the team will be discussing ways in which we can ensure we communicate effectively with our community in the future. However, people who do use our social media sites seem to find the information helpful – less than 3% found what we are communicating ‘not useful’.

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Overall we have a wealth of information to evaluate which will be really valuable in helping us to help you, so thank you very much!

thank you