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Will you be my borrower?

Chocolates, roses, and secret admirers are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day but what about books? Hopefully you will have seen our friendly books dancing their way across the Library window this week – if you missed them, check our Facebook page for pictures. The Faculty Library Team love matchmaking students with their perfect book, in print or digital – with over 55,000 items in the collection our expert knowledge can save you time & effort. Here are some more suggestions for your book blind date – see below for a variety of titles to spark your interest or use in the classroom:

teachinglearningloving Teaching, learning, and loving: reclaiming passion in educational practice edited by Liston, D. & Garrison, J.

This essay collection is filled with interesting ideas from scholars on the connections between reason and emotion in teaching and learning and is relevant to teachers of all age groups as well as researchers, educators, and policy makers. You love what you do, we know that, but this book will help you figure out why.

Find this book at 371 LIS   elephant

The elephant in the classroom: helping children learn and love maths by Jo Boaler

This offers suggestions on how to teach maths well, plus how to help children in the home, with a new approach that teaches children to reason and problem-solve. If you’re looking for new ways to engage learners in your primary or secondary maths classroom, this could be the book for you!

Find this book at 510/7 BOA

Educational resources are specifically for use within schools and as teaching aids. These texts are distinguished by a yellow classmark label on the spine as well as being displayed on the catalogue like this: edres forest

Forest of feelings: understanding and exploring emotions by Carol Holliday and Jo Browning Wroe

This is a resource to help explore and understand emotions with children. The book follows Ben’s journey through the Forest of Feelings, where he encounters the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, jealousy and happiness. This resource includes an introduction to understanding and exploring children’s emotions, and advice on how to best encourage each child’s emotional development and promote emotional well-being in children. It includes teacher’s notes, activities and circle time ideas centred on the emotions found within each chapter.

Find this book at 920/72 WRO (yellow label) feelings

The feelings artbook by Ruby Radburn

This resource provides activities and worksheets to promote emotional literacy through the medium of drawing, helping anyone who spends time with children. The book is organised into three sections: self-esteem, emotions and empathy. These activities work to encourage a positive sense of self in children, to help them identify and define a wide range of feelings and to consider the feelings and preferences of others. All activities include aims, outlines and follow up ideas and can be download from the accompanying CD-ROM.

Find this book at 920/7 RAD (yellow label)

The Education Library holds an extensive collection of children’s literature and these selections are perfect for brightening up a grey February day! Guess_How_Much_I_Love_You_Cover_Art

Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney

Always guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of any adult reader and to prompt many laughs and cries of again from children, this is a classic children’s book which is a lovely bedtime read.

Find this book under MCBRATNEY in our children’s fiction section.

LoveThatDog Love that dog by Sharon Creech

This is a heart warming story of Jack, his dog, his teacher and words. His teacher inspires him to be able to express himself and tell the story of his beloved dog.

Find this book under CREECH in our children’s fiction section.

Which title will you be taking home? Tell us which Education books you love most ( or join us on Monday 16th February for a slice of cake in exchange for your recommendations!

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