I know what you did this summer

Although lots of our lovely students have now either finished their courses or won’t be coming to the Faculty for teaching sessions for a little while, there’s still plenty to be done in the Education Library!

Here’s an insight into some of the work we will be undertaking over the next couple of months ready for when the PGCE term starts in September.

Reading lists

hp lib 6

There are over 100 session reading lists on the Library Moodle Site and they all, yes, that’s right, ALL need updating. The lists are interactive with links to online resources (ebooks & ejournals) as well as the catalogue and so provide our students with quick and easy access to readings for their teaching sessions (vital for all of our part-time and distance learning students).  It is no small task but is well worth the effort as one of our undergrads tells us: “They are such a lifeline both before and during term, and I don’t know of any other faculties that are so thorough and helpful with the resources put on Moodle.”


Teaching sessions


These all need planning and there are a lot!  As a team, we run approximately 72 general induction and online research skills sessions which are embedded across all seven Faculty programmes (Undergraduate, Primary PGCE, Secondary PGCE, Practitioner Professional Development, Masters, PhD and EdD) enabling us to build strong relationships with our students from day one and (hopefully) have a positive impact on their learning.  Most of us have either attended conferences or workshops on teaching skills recently so now’s the time to reflect on last year’s teaching and see how we can improve (because there’s always room for improvement, right?)


Library Moodle Site


It just wouldn’t be summer in the Education Library without a revamp of the Moodle Site!  For our continuing students, we will be updating you about any changes when we see you in Michaelmas Term but in the meantime, if you cannot find the information you need, remember to get in touch with us (library@educ.cam.ac.uk).


Library Guides


We will be analysing the content of our four great Library guides (Referencing, Literature Searching, Research Methods and Social Media), improving and updating them wherever necessary.

Look out for new resources on the Research Methods Guide and a whole new Education Ebooks guide!!


Shelf tidying


We know how frustrating it can be if you can’t find a book on the shelves, so every summer all the team do a thorough tidy of the shelves to make sure all items are in the correct place, ready for the first group of students in September.

Supporting our students!

Not all of our students have finished their courses yet and so we’re on hand throughout the summer to help with their queries from Accessing articles to Zotero and referencing support.  We’re open throughout the summer, Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm.

Photo for one to one slide July 2017

So now you know what the Education Library Team will be doing this summer!



New in the Library – Top Picks!

Our top picks of new books available in the Education Library this week!

inside teaching

Blanchard, J. (2017). Inside teaching: how to make a difference for every learner and teacher. London: Routledge.

Found in the Education Library, 371/1 BLA


data literate

Carroll, S.R. & Carroll, D.J. (2015). How to become data literate (2nd ed.). Lanhan: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Found in the Education Library, 370/78 CAR


damned women

Malkiel, N.W. (2016). “Keep the damned women out”: the struggle for coeducation. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

Found in the Education Library, 378/2 MAL



Carnie, F. (2018). Rebuilding our school from the bottom up: listening to teachers, children and parents. London: Routledge.

Found in the Education Library, 371/2 CAR

The hate u give - thomas

Thomas, A. (2017). The hate u give. London: Walker Books

Found in the Education Library, THOMAS (Children’s literature)

engaging in narrative inquiries with children and youth

Clandinin, D., Caine, V., Lessard, S. & Huber, J. (2016) Engaging in narrative inquiries with children and youth. London: Routledge

Found in the Education Library, 301/01 CLA

Presenting our Faculty publications – Summer Reads 2018

Need something to read this summer? Why not take a look at the new titles that have arrived in the Education Faculty Library!

Sue Swaffield introduces the new ‘Leadership for Learning’ book published almost ten years after the original text set out the Leadership for Learning (LfL) framework and principles in 2009.

MacBeath, J., Dempster, N., Frost, D., Johnson, G., & Swaffield, S. (2018). Strengthening the connections between leadership and learning : challenges to policy, school and classroom practice. London: Routledge

About the Authors

The co-founders of Leadership for Learning:the Cambridge Network:
John MacBeath (Emeritus Professor at the University of Cambridge).
Sue Swaffield (University Senior Lecturer – Educational Leadership and School Improvement).
David Frost (a member of the Faculty of Education for 20 years).
Along with:
Greer Johnson (Director of the Griffith Institute for Educational Research at Griffith University, Australia, and was previously a member of the Australian team on the Leadership for Learning Project).
Neil Dempster  (Emeritus Professor at Griffith University)

Stengthening the connections
“Examining a decade of research and practice, this book makes the case for a radical reappraisal of leadership, learning and their interrelationship in educational policy. Discussing whether policy direction is progressively constraining the professionalism and initiative of teachers and school leaders, it challenges conventional understanding and argues the case for thinking differently about the way to lead learning. Based on the LfL Project, the book clarifies, extends and refines LfL principles and practices, and their contribution to ameliorating some of the difficult conditions encountered in the contemporary educational policy environment.
It is an essential read for postgraduate students, especially those in leadership in education, as well as for teachers, school leaders and policymakers.” (Sue Swaffield)

Next in our summer showcase we have Helen Demetriou who introduces her new publication:

Demetriou, H. (2018). Empathy, emotion and education. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Empathy emotion and education
“This book explores the construct of empathy and its connection with education, and covers the multifaceted nature of empathy and the external and internal influences behind this concept. The relationship between empathy and education is examined through the impact they have on each other for the development of social and emotional understanding, positive social behaviours and effective teaching and learning. It will be of interest to lecturers, practitioners, educational psychologists and researchers in the Faculty, as well as students at undergraduate to postgraduate level with an interest in effective teaching, developmental psychology and the social, emotional and cognitive nature of teaching and learning.” (Helen Demetriou)

All good things come in threes and our final title in this instalment of ‘Presenting our Faculty Publications’ is edited by Laura Kerslake and Rupert Wegerif

Kerslake, L., & Wegerif, R. (2018). Theory of teaching thinking : International perspectives. London : Routledge

Theory of taching thinking

“The Theory of Teaching Thinking presents international perspectives on the theories underpinning the pedagogy of teaching thinking from leaders in the field.

There is a great deal of global interest in teaching thinking, but it is a complex undertaking which needs a good understanding of what is being done in the classroom and why. This volume offers the principles that underlie classroom practice.

Chapters highlight the relationships between teachers and learners, the role of emotion, collaborative thinking, the community of inquiry in philosophy for children and a Confucian approach to teaching thinking.
They offer an interdisciplinary approach which aims to provide answers to some of the key questions in teaching thinking: what is thinking? How can thinking be taught? What does ‘better’ thinking mean?” (Laura Kerslake, Lead Editor)


Other recent publications by our Faculty Staff  include the following….

(Chapter 4  – ‘Outsiders on the Inside’: Working Class Students at UK Universities.
Written by Diane Reay)
(Chapter 15 – Crisis, critique and the contemporary university: reinventing the future. Written by Susan Robertson)
Remember you can discover the full range via #EdFacPublications, as well as following our Pinterest boards


New in the Library – Top Picks!

Our top picks of new books available in the Education Library this week!

The Lost Words - Macfarlane

Macfarlane, R. & Morris, J. (2017). The lost words. London: Hamish Hamilton.

Found in the Education Library, MACFARLANE (Library Living Room oversized book display)


The emotional learner - smith

Smith, M. (2018). The emotional learner. London: Routledge.

Found in the Education Library, 157 SMI


Reclaiming radical ideas in schools - moffat

Moffat, A. (2017). Reclaiming radical ideas in schools. London: Routledge.

Found in the Education Library, 920/72 MOF


mindset mathematics - boaler

Boaler, J., Munson, J., & Williams, C. (2017). Mindset mathematics. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Found in the Education Library, 510/7 BOA


cross cultural analyis - davidov

Davidov, E., Schmidt, P., Billiet, J. & Meuleman, B. (2018). Cross-cultural analysis (2nd ed.) London: Routledge.

Found in the Education Library, 301/01 DAV


Practitioner enquiry - gilchrist

Gilchrist, G. (2018). Practitioner enquiry. London: Routledge.

Found in the Education Library, 370/72 GIL


You can find all of our top picks on our pinterest board.

Wellbeing Wednesday and beyond…

Your Library Team are here to help – your Library is more than a room full of books!

Stress soothing spaces
There are plenty of varied study spaces for you to choose from to cater for every mood –  whether it be wrapped up in a blanket on a bean bag, using an adjustable desk, sitting at grass level at one of the study desks or indeed up high on the Lily Pads, the sky’s the limit!

Take a break – recharge – refocus
Lots of you have been joining us for our Mad Hatter’s Cake Parties in the Library Living Room at 4pm on Wednesdays, so take a break and pick up a homemade cake!

Save the date, our last Cake Party is on the 30th May


If you want a break but still want to keep the brain active, we’ve got puzzles and colouring books to divert you.  And if your phone or laptop needs recharging, don’t forget we have chargers and power adaptors on hand – ask at the Welcome Desk if you can’t find what you need.

1-2-1 sessions to help with anything you need from Articles to Zotero
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Suggestions and feedback
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